Priority for all our team; "High Quality"

Within the framework of international quality regulations, we produce the most "quality" products with our professional employees and technological equipment in a 4000 square meter closed area in full compliance with the fuel and brake hose quality standards.

  • Focused on the production of polyamide fuel hose systems,
  • Able to develop production following customer demands
  • Providing consumers with high quality and affordable spare parts,
  • To keep product and service quality as a main philosophy
  • To see customers as a business partner,
  • Totally paid capital,
  • Innovator,
  • Care about business ethics,
  • Focused on the production of polyamide fuel hose systems,
  • We're the leader in market for poliamide pipe line systems
70+Experienced Employee

We grow with our trained and experienced team




Quality Policy
Environment Policy
Health and Safety Policy

Following OHSAS18001:2007 Health and Safety Policy

  • To determine the situations that may endanger the health and safety of our personnel, customers and other related persons regarding the work we have done and the products and services we offer, and to take the necessary precautions completely,
  • To raise awareness of our personnel, customers and other relevant persons about Occupational Health and Safety
  • To develop and continuously improve our Occupational Health and Safety system,
  • To work in accordance with the legal regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety in force,
  • To determine and implement Occupational Health and Safety measures in our activities;
Human Resources