Priority for all our team; "High Quality"

Within the framework of international quality regulations, we produce the most "quality" products with our professional employees and technological equipment in a 4000 square meter closed area in full compliance with the fuel and brake hose quality standards.

  • Focused on the production of polyamide fuel hose systems,
  • Able to develop production following customer demands
  • Providing consumers with high quality and affordable spare parts,
  • To keep product and service quality as a main philosophy
  • To see customers as a business partner,
  • Totally paid capital,
  • Innovator,
  • Care about business ethics,
  • Focused on the production of polyamide fuel hose systems,
  • We're the leader in market for poliamide pipe line systems
70+Experienced Employee

We grow with our trained and experienced team




Quality Policy

ISO9001:2015 To see "QUALITY" as an indispensable necessity with the Quality Management System and within this framework;

  • To keep customer satisfaction above all else in our work,
  • To realize the desired product and service in a RELIABLE, HONEST, PLANNED and TIMELY with the awareness of continuous improvement by following the technological developments closely,
  • To give importance to trainings at planned intervals in order to ensure the personal and professional development of the personnel working in our organization; Working with trained and responsible personnel
Environment Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Human Resources