• ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System through the "QUALITY’. An imperative necessity "and in this frame;

To keep customer satisfaction superior to anything when we get all work. To realize reliable, honest planned and timely service with the awareness of continuous improvement by closely following the technological development. To work with trained staff, giving importance to the development of the staff working in our organization, the training intervals and the intervals planned to improve the career.

  • ISO 14001: To minimize the internal and external factors the company affecting the environment pollution through the 2015 Environmental Management System,
  • Use to resources effectively and rationally,
  • To implement recycling technology,
  • To work according to legal conditions and regulations
  • To organize education and awareness activities related to the environment both inside and outside the company, to support such activities,
  • To provide continuous improvement


                                                                                             GENERAL MANAGER